Acupuncture and Herb

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ICD 9                         ICD 10  
784.0 G44.1 Vascular headache, not elsewhere classified
784.0 R51 Headache
339.10 G44.209 Tension‐type headache, unspecified not intractable
339.11 G44.219 Episodic tension‐type headache not intractable
339.12 G44.221 Chronic tension‐type headache, intractable
339.12 G44.229 Chronic tension‐type headache, not intractable
346.00 G43.109 Migraine with aura, not intractable
346.10 G43.009 Migraine without aura, not intractable
784.92 R68.84 Jaw pain (mandible or maxilla)
524.60 M26.60 Temporomandibular  joint disorders, unspecified (TMJ syndrome)
525.9 K08.9 Unspecified disorder of teeth and supporting structures (pain)
ICD 9                         ICD 10            Neck & Back
723.1 M54.2 Cervicalgia (Neck Pain)
721.0 M47.811 Spondylosis without myelopathy or radiculopathy occipito‐atlanto‐axial  region
721.0 M47.812 Spondylosis without myelopathy or radiculopathy cervical region
721.0 M47.813 Spondylosis without myelopathy or radiculopathy cervicothoracic region
722.4 M50.30 Cervical disc degeneration, unspecified cervical region
722.4 M50.31 Cervical disc degeneration high cervical C2‐3 C3‐4
722.4 M50.32 Cervical disc degeneration mid‐cervical region C4‐5, C5‐6, C6‐7
722.4 M50.33 Cervical disc degeneration cervicothoracic region C7‐T1
724.1 M54.6 Pain in thoracic spine
721.2 M47.814 Thoracic spondylosis without myleopathy
721.2 M47.813 Thoracic spondylosis without myelopathy or radiculopathy cervicothoracic region
721.2 M47.814 Thoracic spondylosis without myelopathy or radiculopathy thoracic region
722.51 M51.34 Thoracic disc degeneration
722.51 M51.35 Thoracolumbar intervertebral disc degeneration
724.2 M54.5 Low back pain (lumbago)
724.3 M54.40 Lumbago with sciatica, unspecified side
724.3 M54.41 Lumbago with sciatica, right side
724.3 M54.42 Lumbago with sciatica, left side
724.3 M54.30 Sciatica, unspecified
724.3 M54.31 Sciatica, right side
724.3 M54.32 Sciatica, left side
722.52 M51.36 Lumbar intervertebral disc degeneration
722.52 M51.37 Lumbosacral intervertebral disc degeneration
ICD9                               ICD10                Joint Pain
719.41 M25.519 Pain in unspecified shoulder
719.41 M25.511 Pain in right shoulder
719.41 M25.512 Pain in left shoulder
719.42 M25.529 Pain in unspecified elbow
719.42 M25.521 Pain in right elbow
719.42 M25.522 Pain in left elbow
719.43 M25.539 Pain in unspecified wrist
719.43 M25.531 Pain in right wrist
719.43 M25.532 Pain in left wrist
719.44 M79.643 Pain in unspecified hand
719.44 M79.641 Pain in right hand
719.44 M79.642 Pain in left hand
719.44 M79.644 Pain in right finger(s)
719.44 M79.645 Pain in left finger(s)
719.44 M79.646 Pain in unspecified finger(s)
719.45 M25.559 Pain in unspecified hip
719.45 M25.551 Pain in right hip
719.45 M25.552 Pain in left hip
719.46 M25.569 Pain in unspecified knee
719.46 M25.561 Pain in right knee
719.46 M25.562 Pain in left knee
719.47 M25.579 Pain in unspecified ankle and joints of unspecified foot
719.47 M25.571 Pain in unspecified ankle and joints of right foot
719.47 M25.572 Pain in unspecified ankle and joints of left foot
338.0 G89.0 Central pain syndrome
338.11 G89.ll Acute pain due to trauma
338.12 G89.12 Acute post‐thoracotomy  pain
338.18 G89.18 Other acute post procedural pain
338.19 R52 Pain, unspecified
338.21 G89.21 Chronic pain due to trauma
780.96 R52 Pain, unspecified
338.22 G89.22 Chronic post‐thoracotomy  pain
338.28 G89.28 Other chronic post procedural pain
338.29 G89.29 Other chronic pain
338.3 G89.3 Neoplasm related pain (acute) (chronic)
338.4 G89.4 Chronic pain syndrome
338.4 G89.4 Chronic pain syndrome
729.1 M79.1 Myalgia
729.1 M79.7 Fibromyalgia
728.85 M62.830 Muscle spasm of back
728.85 M62.831 Muscle spasm of calf
728.85 M62.838 Other muscle spasm
787.01 R11.2 Nausea with vomiting, unspecified
787.02 R11.0 Nausea
787.03 R11.10 Vomiting, unspecified
787.03 Rll.ll Vomiting without nausea
787.03 R11.12 Projectile vomiting
787.04 R11.14 Bilious vomiting
E933.1   Antineoplastic and immunosuppressive  drugs causing adverse effects in therapeutic use
643.03 21.0 Mild hyperemesis gravidarum (pregnancy)
643.13 21.1 Hyperemesis gravidarum with metabolic disturbance (pregnancy)
643.20 21.2 Late vomiting of pregnancy
643.23 21.2 Late vomiting of pregnancy
643.80 21.8 Other vomiting complicating pregnancy
643.83 21.8 Other vomiting complicating pregnancy, antepartum
643.90 21.9 Vomiting of pregnancy, unspecified
643.93 21.9 Vomiting of pregnancy, unspecified, antepartum
626.0 N91.2 Amenorrhea, unspecified
626.1 N91.5 Oligomenorrhea, unspecified
626.2 N92.0 Excessive and frequent menstruation with regular cycle
626.3 N92.2 Excessive menstruation at puberty
626.4 N92.5 Other specified irregular menstruation
626.4 N92.6 Irregular menstruation, unspecified
626.5 N92.3 Ovulation bleeding
626.6 N92.1 Excessive and frequent menstruation with irregular cycle
626.9 N92.6 Unspecified   disorders   of   menstruation   and   other   abnormal   bleeding   from   female   genital   tract,   rregular
menstruation, unspecified
346.40 G43.829 Menstrual migraine, not intractable, without status migrainosus
789.62 R10.822 Left upper quadrant rebound abdominal tenderness
789.63 R10.813 Right lower quadrant abdominal tenderness
789.63 R10.823 Right lower quadrant rebound abdominal tenderness
789.64 R10.814 Left lower quadrant abdominal tenderness
789.64 R10.824 Left lower quadrant rebound abdominal tenderness
789.65 R10.815 Periumbilic abdominal tenderness
789.65 R10.825 Periumbilic rebound abdominal tenderness
789.66 R10.816 Epigastric abdominal tenderness
789.66 R10.826 Epigastric rebound abdominal tenderness
789.67 R10.817 Generalized abdominal tenderness
789.67 R10.827 Generalized rebound abdominal tenderness
789.69 R10.819 Abdominal tenderness, unspecified site
789.69 R10.829 Rebound abdominal tenderness, unspecified site