Acupuncture and Herb

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It only takes 10 seconds to send patient's medical information to the clinic through the Internet.

California medical insurance plan Authority (DMHC) on 18th announced that it would provide funding for $1,304,943 to help the Los Angeles County's 24 community health centers and hospitals, clinics set up the digital health care information system that allows patients be able to e-medical information, and doctors and patients can take advantage of digital communication systems. Build a database system to assist the medical center's health care flow towards electronic, digital and information systems not only save information system costs, it also enhance the quality of medical services to help residents of California more directly

Patient's medical records, case, X-ray, prescription or medical information flow, etc., are all digital. History of patient treatment or information only takes 10 seconds to send to the clinics, at the same time, the medical centers could be have the historical records to become digital patient information.


-- When we could completely digitize our Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into modern information system, we shall see the quality of TCM treatment greatly improved too because the quantitative analysis with the recorded data.