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To promote structural reform to explore cost control summit convened 150 people vowed to pass the bill this year.

The 5th, President Obama at the White House East Room, call up the summit convened by the health care reform for the expansion of health care and controlling health care costs look for good.

Despite the economic recession cast a huge shadow, President Obama strongly promote the health care system reform, inviting more than 150 congressmen, doctors, patients, business owners, union leaders, insurance companies and consumers representatives to the White House meeting, the United States has vowed to curb out-of-control health care costs, trying to get all Americans have health insurance.

Obama in his opening remarks at the meeting to block health care reform to the decades of special benefits and health care industry lobbyists, "war." He said: "Excluding the cost of obstruction of medical reformers, this time will not succeed." He said that health care reform need to hear the views of all parties, all programs have to get the discussion on the table. He stressed that based on the social conscience and financial needs, health care reform is imperative.

White House advisers said that Obama is determined to pass the bill the first year in power to curb the rising cost of medical attention and to expand health insurance. White House health care reform to attend the summit are later divided into four groups, with 90 minutes to explore the expansion of health care coverage and ways to control medical costs.

Obama in his speech did not include 46 million people without health insurance into the health care system details. He's the main vision is to express his hope that through the "transparent and inclusive" negotiations to reach a consensus between the two parties to overcome the status quo at those who hold a financial interest in the opposition. Obama also said the optimistic hope that "in our lifetime to find ways to cure cancer."

The Government estimates that the nation's medical expenses this year will be as high as 2 trillion 500 billion dollar, $8160 per capita spending. If we do not amend the federal law, the Government estimated that in 2018 health care spending will more than 20% of GDP, higher than the 17.6 percent this year.

Liberals said they are ready to fight with the medical industry, this time will not be like 1993 to 1994 as special interests are playing, and finally bring down President Clinton's national health insurance efforts.

Former Clinton administration officials, Judith Feder said: "In 1993, public interest groups expressed support for health care reform, the early performance of co-operation, and then suddenly back to obstruct the reform. This time we will not let them go that way. "Fader are now inclined to liberal Center for American Progress (Center for American Progress) Senior Members.